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Child Care/Mothers Helper
Budgeting & Bankng
Animal Training
         Field trip to Mall      
   Class/Group Trainings   
Computer Training
Working For Red Cross
Class Training

Community Service

There are no fees to participate in the program but the particiapant are required to put in 100-150 community service hours to participate.

Special Skills Beyond the Classroom



Career Awareness

& Internships

Specialized training program that will give participants the tools needed for entry  level position.  At this time there are positions in Retail, Resturant/dietary training, Office/Clerical training, Janitorial/housekeeping, animal/pet grooming. and child crare.


Job Prep Certification


Life Skills

Basic life skills could be from cooking to drivers education. Life skills will be provided on an individual scale as well as in a group setting if more than one participant needs it.  Scheduled group trainings: cooking classes,  drivers ed (prep for learners permit) money management, budgeting and banking, and more

Participants will get the opportunity to research the different job opportunities they maybe interested in.  They will learn what they need to do in order to obtain a certain job.

Internships maybe from 2 weeks to 8 weeks or they can explore a position

by shadowing for 1 day.

For Teens/Young Adults with Learning Disability's


Work readiness is a process to make sure an employee is trained and ready to work in any field.  Work readiness i the process to get that job.  Job search techniques, how to dress, the resume, and interview techniques.

This is done through classes, field trips and quest speakers

Special Training Program

Ashley Bosby
Field Director

For More Information  Call Jackie Bosby (706) 743-3437

Workforce Partners


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