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Beyond the Class Room a Mall Training Room



3 Month  *  6 Month  *  12 Month




Sample  6 Month Program Below

24 weeks

Week 1- Assesments

Week 2-8  Beyond the Classroom

Week 9-14  Work Readiness

Week 15-16  Job Sampling

Week 17-22  Job Training

Week 23  Assessments

Week 24  Job Placement




Work readiness  describe a number of expected skills that employers seek from most employees. Our  work readiness skills are a set of skills and behaviors that are necessary for any job. Work readiness mix several skills as neeed from soft skills, employability skills, or job readiness skills.  Everything is indvidualized to fit each participants needs



.Job Sampling looks different in every location, the purpose of the job sampling is to allow the participants to get real experience in the job field.  If the participant know what they want to do our team will find them several types of jobs to sample in that field if not than will be asked to select up to 6 sites. If they are still don’t pick a field of desire after the sampling they will be allowed to pick another 6.  From here they will go into hands on training.


Every participant is assesed to see what their future goals are.  They will be given a calendar and a journal and start off on short term goals as they advance to developing realistic long term goals

Work Readiness 

After the 1st assesment a specialized program will be developed on the needs of the participant.  These are what we consider livable skils, cooking, budgeting, banking, getting their drivers permit, drivers education and more

Job Samping

Job Training

On the job training gives the participant the chance to atually learn how to become employable in their field of choice.   The first week everyone will have a job coach unless the placement has an assigned person to train

Beyond The Classroom


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